Salvinia minima 5 Live Plant Clusters - Common Salvinia

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Salvinia minima, known simply as Common Salvinia, is an aquatic species of fern belonging to the Salviniaceae family in the Salviniales order.

The native range of this species of floating fern includes the west indies, South America, and Mesoamerica. S. minima prefers still canals and waterways where it thrives on the surface of these waters utilizing a unique morphology.

Upon visual inspection of the delicate leaves which grow to be no larger than 2 centimeters in overall length, one may notice a fine layer of translucent to white hairs which serve to propel water away from the surface of the plant (in our photos above you can see just how effective this hydrophobic feature is).

Salvinia minima flaunts a stark green coloring with the occasional shade of brown for older leaves or those under duress from environmental difficulties such as excess sunlight.

Care for this plant is made quite simple by both its ability to quickly reproduce, as well as its tolerance to varying water salinities ranging from fresh water ponds to brackish swamps or marshes. Any still or slow flowing aquatic setup will suffice to provide them a lovely home and may be an ideal candidate to accentuate a living aquarium — especially those containing various herbivorous fauna.

Keeping in mind that this plant reproduces quickly and can survive many different environments, please be aware that in many states this specimen is considered a noxious weed and should be kept in an aquarium or other indoor aquatic setup and never introduced to the outdoors where it may negatively impact local ecosystems.