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Medicinally, Rhaponticum carthamoides is considered to be adaptogenic, an athletic performance enhancer, and a male sexual enhancer. The most significant claim is that R. carthamoides has an ability to aid in muscle protein synthesis and physical strength enhancement. There are currently no research studies with human subjects. R. carthamoides contains phytoecdysteroids, the most prevalent being 20-hydroxyecdysone, which is an arthropod molting regulatory hormone. When insects eat the plant, the 20-hydroxyecdysone disrupts the normal molting process of the insect resulting in the eventual death of the insect. Hardy to zones 2-7. 

Plant the Rhaponticum carthamoides seeds ⅛” deep in a well draining potting soil. Keep the soil moist but not soaking wet and keep in cool temperatures around 50°F to 65°F for best results. Germination typically takes 1 to 2 weeks.



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