Kinetin 99.5% 1g jar

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Kinetin is a plant hormone in the cytokinin group. It is an adenine-type cytokinin that is typically seen as a white crystal powder. Research has shown that it naturally exists in DNA (including human DNA) and in various plant tissues. Kinetin is used in ornamental plant propagation to encourage new shoot and root growth making it favorable for propagating roses, orchids, and other flowering shrubs. This hormone has also been used on apple, pear, and citrus trees to help them with fruit setting. It has also been known to break apical dominance in vegetative species, resulting in bushier plants without the need for “topping” them. Kinetin can be used on cereals and soybean crops to increase tillering or branching at the base of plants. As stated previously, this hormone is in the cytokinin group and therefore is widely used in tissue culture to create shoots. This product contains a 1 gram jar of kinetin that is 99.5% pure. This product must be diluted to a desired concentration before use. Please use safe handling practices and familiarize yourself with the safety and first aid handout included in the packaging before use.