Forchlorfenuron 99.5% 1g jar

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Forchlorfenuron, often abbreviated to CPPU, is a synthetic plant growth hormone in the cytokinin group which aids in cellular division in plants. This hormone is typically used in fruit crops to help with reducing fruit drop, and increasing fruit’s size and uniformity. It has also been used in promoting fruits like grapes and watermelon to not develop seeds. It may also stimulate flowering in some species, allowing for off-season flowering and achieving synchronized flowering in crops. It may also promote early spring bud breaking. Forchlorfenuron has also been known to break apical dominance in vegetative species, resulting in bushier plants without the need for “topping” them. CPPU visually is a white crystalline powder, and is odorless and not completely soluble in water. It is typically completely dissolved in a solvent first, and then diluted with water to desired concentration. This product contains a 1 gram jar of Forchlorfenuron that is 99.5% pure. This product must be diluted to a desired concentration before use. Please use safe handling practices and familiarize yourself with the safety and first aid handout included in the packaging before use.