Datura metel v. fastuosa 25 Seeds (Double Purple Flower) - Indian Thornapple

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Double purple Datura metel var. fastuosa, also known as Hindu Datura and Indian thorn apple is a Solanaceae family plant that has been established as multiple ancient cultivars originating in the early Americas and since naturalized in every warm region of the world. A famous plant in India according to Hindu lore as well as having extensive history in Ayurvedic medicine. Datura metel is an annual short herbaceous shrub typically growing from 2 to 5 tall with waxy toothed leaves, a light green to dark purple stem, double trumpet purple and white flowers, and plump round fruits covered with warty knobs to short spines. D. metel can be grown as a perennial in warmer regions. Datura metel grows best in full sun to light shade. USDA Hardiness Zones 8-11.

Like all species of Datura, the seeds contain an enzyme on the outside of each seed that causes erratic timing in germination as a survival trait in the wild.  In order to reduce the enzyme activity and improve germination rates, the seeds can be soaked in purified water for an hour, then drained before sowing into soil. Sow seeds onto the surface of a well draining soil mix and sprinkle a thin layer of soil to cover the seeds. Water the seeds in and keep the soil moist, but not soaking wet. Seeds should germinate best at temperatures around 70 F.  Germination typically takes 7 - 25 days to occur. Even with optimal conditions, some seeds may germinate slowly and sporadically.



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