Parodia leninghausii 25 Seeds - Yellow Tower Cactus

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Parodia leninghausii, also known as the yellow tower cactus or the golden ball cactus, is a species of globus plant in the cactus family, Cactaceae. It is native to South America, where it is found in the countries of Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil. The stems rise up to 20 to 100 inches tall with a diameter of 3 to 5 inches wide. Parodia leninghausii is known to branch at the base and is covered in yellow bristle-like spines that give this species its common name. Flowers typically bloom in spring and summer and are bright yellow with a 2 inch diameter. Parodia leninghausii is grown as an ornamental plant for its towering stems and yellow appearance. Parodia leninghausii grows best in full sun to partial shade while sitting in well-draining soils. Water the plant adequately during summer and keep dry during winter as it is prone to rot in cool temperatures. Allow the soil to completely dry out in between waterings. USDA plant hardiness zones 9b to 11b.

Parodia leninghausii seeds require consistent moisture and humidity to germinate, but the soil should not be soaking wet. Cloning boxes, ziplock bags, and other containers that retain humidity are ideal to store sown pots. Use a well-draining sterilized soil mix. Seeds should be sown directly on top of the potting mixture and lightly covered with a thin layer of sand or potting mix, just enough to cover the seeds. Germinating pots should be kept indoors, out of extreme light and heat. Ideal germination temperatures range from 75°F to 85°F. Germination typically takes 2 to 4 weeks to occur. Even with optimal conditions, germination may be slow and sporadic.



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