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Leonotis nepetifolia, commonly known as Klip Dagga, Lion's Ear, Christmas Candlestick, as well as other names, is an herbaceous plant in the mint family of Lamiaceae. L. nepetifolia are native to South Africa, but are now naturalized in regions of India, as well as North and South America.  The plant is often grown as an annual but can grow as a perennial plant in tropical regions. They grow upright, ranging from 6 to 15 ft  high when grown in the ground. Smaller plants can be grown in pots outdoors or indoors, or planted within many soil types from rich to very low nutrient mediums. The plant has spiky seed pods with protruding blooms of orange, red, and sometimes yellow flowers.  L. nepetifolia are very attractive ornamental plants as well as a popular plant with pollinator insects and hummingbirds. Commonly grown in USDA hardiness zones of 8-10.

Leonotis nepetifolia seeds are easy to germinate. Sprinkle the seeds across the top of a well draining potting soil and lightly stirred into the top layer of soil.  Avoid planting them too deep. Keep the soil moist, but not soaking wet and keep the temperature between 70°F and 80°F for best results.  Most seeds will germinate within 7-24 days. Even with optimal conditions, some seeds may be slow or sporadic in their germination. Place established plants in full sun to light shade.


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