Indole-3 butyric acid 98.5% (1g jar)

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Indole-3 butyric acid, or “IBA” is a plant hormone in the auxin group. With the help of certain cytokines, such as kinetin, IBA can be used in tissue culture to form undifferentiated cells (callus tissue). Callus tissue formation is the first step in micropropagation and roots can then be coaxed out with the addition of hormones. Generally speaking, an intermediate ratio of auxins and cytokines creates callus tissue and a higher ratio between the two induces root and shoot growth. IBA is a common ingredient in commercially available rooting hormone products. This product is a 1 gram jar and is 98.5% pure. This product must be diluted to a desired concentration before use. Please use safe handling practices and familiarize yourself with the safety and first aid handout included in the packaging before use.