Ferocactus peninsulae 25 Seeds - Barrel Cactus

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Ferocactus peninsulae is a barrel cactus native to the Baja California Peninsula. Wild Ferocactus peninsulae populations are in decline due to illegal collecting and destruction of habitat. F. peninsulae is a large species of cacti that can grow 8 feet tall at maturity, growing from globular shaped to cylindrical with age.They have 4 large central spines in the shape of a cross surrounded by 6 to 13 radial spines. The central spines are usually a red to yellow color, sometimes gray-brown, and the radial spines are white to brown in color. Their flowers range from red to yellow and have red-orange midveins. Ferocactus peninsulae are hardy to USDA hardiness zone 9b. 

Seed germination typically takes between 1 to 20 weeks. Even with ideal conditions germination is oftentimes sporadic. For best results; sow the seeds by placing them on top of well draining soil, then sprinkling just enough soil over the seeds to cover them and then water gently.



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