Denatonium benzoate 99% (1g jar)

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Denatonium benzoate 99%, also known as Denatonium, is the most bitter chemical compound known. It is a white crystalline substance that is colorless and odorless. It is commonly used as an additive to deter accidental ingestion of toxic and hazardous chemicals. This substance can be found in denatured alcohol, antifreeze, animal repellents, and Nintendo switch cartridges. Denatonium benzoate is also used as a placebo to mimic the bitter taste of some medications. It is not known to cause any long term health risks. It works great for keeping pets and children from ingesting toxic houseplants. It can also keep your plants safe from animals that like to chew on them. Do not use plants intended for consumption, this is safe, but will result in horrible tasting produce.