Chamaecrista fasciculata 30 Seeds - Partridge Pea

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Chamaecrista fasciculata, or partridge pea, is a species within the Fabaceae or Legume family. It is an annual plant that is native to most of the eastern United States. Growing 1 to 3 feet high, with small symmetrically placed leaves along the stems and bright yellow flowers. The flowers are hermaphroditic, although a small amount of individual plants do not produce sufficient pollen to reproduce as males. C. fasciculata thrives in areas that have recently been burned, the populations declining in number in the following years. It is considered an ideal choice for planting in disturbed or eroding areas as prevention, as it will quickly cover an area while still allowing other plants to become established. It is also a popular ornamental plant and grown for honey production. USDA Hardiness Zones 3 to 9.

Chamaecrista fasciculata seeds should be placed in a moist medium such as sand, coco coir, or peat during a cold stratification period of 6 to 8 weeks at temperatures around 40ºF. After that period, move to temperatures around 70ºF for germination. Seeds should be sprinkled across the surface of your soil medium and lightly pressed in, but not covered. Use a well draining potting mix and keep moist, but not soaking wet.  C. fasciculata seeds will germinate in approximately 1 to 4 weeks after sowing. Even with optimal conditions, germination may be slow and sporadic.  Established plants prefer light well draining soil mixes and full sun to partial shade.



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