Brassinolide 0.2% (1g jar)

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Brassinolide 0.2% is a hormone belonging to the Brassinosteroid group. This group of hormones is responsible for cell elongation (in relationship to auxins), stress responses, and vascular tissue differentiation. Brassinolide was the first of the group to be identified when it was shown that pollen from Brassica napus could promote stem elongation and cell division. This substance is a white crystalline substance that is colorless and odorless. Brassinolide has been studied for its role in helping plants cope with various environmental stresses, such as drought, salinity, and extreme temperatures. It is also known to aid in seed germination, flower/fruit formation, and root development. It's important to note that the specific effects of brassinolide can vary depending on the plant species, the developmental stage, and the environmental conditions. Before using any plant growth regulator or hormone, it's advisable to conduct a small-scale trial or refer to existing literature and research on the specific plant species you are working with.