Spilanthes oleracea 500+ Seeds - Toothache Plant - Paracress

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Spilanthes Oleracea is a herbaceous plant in the Asteraceae family. Other common names include toothache plant, electric daisy, buzz buttons, Sichuan buttons, and tingle flowers. When chewed or brewed into a tea, Spilanthes oleracea causes a numb/tingling sensation of the mouth that is reminiscent of a small electrical current. The plant also increases salvation. The flowers, and both fresh and cooked leaves, are used as a vegetable in various dishes. It is also used as a flavoring agent for chewing gum and chewing tobacco.  S. Oleracea contains a fatty acid amide known as Spilanthol, or (2E,6Z,8E)-N-(2-Methylpropyl)deca-2,6,8-trienamide. Spilanthol is the chemical responsible for the plant’s analgesic properties. Hardy to zones 9-11.

*Each bag was counted by weight and contains 500-700 seeds. 

Plant the seeds 1/8-1/4 inch deep in a well draining potting soil and keet moist, but not soaking wet. Keep between 70-80°F. Germination typically takes 5-14 days.



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